3 Benefits Of Classroom Observation By An Outside Company

Posted on: 25 April 2017

If you run a school, you and the other administrators likely spend at least some time observing the district's teachers in action. Classroom observation can have many benefits for both teachers and students alike, and it's something that's worth doing on a regular basis. That said, classroom observation can be time consuming as it requires the teacher and the observer to both be in the same room at the same time, sometimes for hours on end. Thankfully, that's where hiring an outside company to do your classroom observation for you can come in handy. But here are three other reasons why hiring an outside consultant for a custom teacher evaluation might be a good idea.

Different Observer Means a Different Background

Every observer is usually a former or current teacher who has had a lifetime of experiences teaching different students in different settings. If a teacher always receives feedback from the same observer, they might be missing out on an opportunity to learn something new about their instruction. But by bringing in an outside company, you will be able to have a fresh set of eyes look at your school (and your teachers) from a different point of view. This could lead to a perspective that might not have been discovered otherwise.

No Baggage On Particular Students

While no one likes to admit it, many teachers do in fact have a favorite student or two and perhaps a student or two that they are not fond of. If the only observers you have right now are other teachers at the same school, they likely will also be well acquainted with the students in the classroom they are observing. Watching an interaction between a teacher and a student you have a personal connection with could lead to your viewpoint being skewed. By bringing in an outside observer who does not know the students, you can guarantee that every observation will start from a clean slate.

Keep Up With New Methods

Every teacher has their own set of standards they expect their students to meet and likely have a preferred teaching method to help their students get to that level But if you spend too much time living within the bubble of your own school district, you might be missing out on a new way to educate. Outside teacher observation companies stay up to date on the latest trends in teaching and can help educate your teachers if they are using a teaching method that has become outdated.

Bringing in an outside observer to watch your school's teachers can give the teachers and the students a new perspective and maybe even teach your teachers something new. Reach out to a teacher evaluation firm today for more information.