Ideas For "Twin Day" For Your Preschool Class

Posted on: 29 March 2017

When you run a preschool, you're always trying to think of new activities to keep the children occupied. Theme days can be particularly exciting for the class — you simply select a theme and then tailor the day's events around it. One worthwhile theme to plan is "twin day." For this day, you need the children to partner up with a friend; or you may wish to divide the group into partners if you want to encourage children to mingle outside their normal group of friends. You can then plan a variety of twin-themed events, including the following ideas.

Dressing Alike

In advance of your twin day, have each pair of children discuss how they want to dress. You can then note the desired look and share it with each child's parents, either with a note sent home or an email. The parents will then be in charge of dressing their children on the morning of twin day with the right outfit. For example, one pair of twins may want to wear red shirts, jeans, and sunglasses, while another might wish to wear hooded sweatshirts, black pants, and hats. The kids will have fun not only picking their outfits but also seeing how their twin has dressed upon arriving at school.

Seating Changes

Evaluate how your children normally sit at preschool, and then consider some changes in alignment with the twin theme. It can be fun for each pair of twins to sit together, and this may be an exciting departure for the children if the group normally sits in a circle, for example. Use tape to make appropriate-sized rectangles on the floor of the preschool — one rectangle per pair of twins — and assign the twins to sit in their special area throughout the day. If you don't want to use the tape method, place a series of hula hoops around the room for the same purpose.

Twin Activities

Twin day isn't just about having fun — it's also an opportunity for the children to use teamwork to complete goals together in a collaborative manner. There are a number of suitable activities to consider for twin day. For example, you might give each pair of twins a piece of paper and some crayons and have them work together on a piece of art. Or, you might give them building blocks and task them with building a structure together, rather than each building their own structure.

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