5 Benefit Of Daycare Centers Every Parent Should Know

Posted on: 6 August 2016

Daycare centers aren't just all about playtime. When your child's growing up, he has needs that have to be met, from learning the alphabet to learning how to play nicely with others. Daycare centers can help when you're unable to be there. Whether you need to go to work or have to have a few hours off here and there for appointments or schooling, daycare centers can offer some major benefits. 

They're More Affordable Than Nannies

One of the first things you think about with a daycare center is the cost. Nannies and babysitters can quickly get expensive, especially if you need them for several hours a day. Daycare centers aren't typically as expensive, saving you money over time. Best of all, you're not just receiving one daycare worker. Most facilities have several, so if a child is sick or hurt, they can switch off and still have staff members to work with your child. 

Staff Members Are Trained in Early Childhood Education

Most quality daycare services hire staff members who are trained in Early Childhood Education. That means that they're qualified to teach your child basic educational staples like the alphabet, tying shoelaces, and even playing in a structured environment. Focusing on everything from creativity to left-brained activities, the daycare provides more than just a day of playtime. 

They Offer Structured Environments

For children, structure is important. Rules are important. Knowing how to interact with other children and what is expected of them can make children less aggressive and more willing to work with the daycare workers. Fortunately, most daycare centers have a certain structure that works, whether it's a few hours of play before nap time or scheduled activities throughout the day. 

The Rules Are Simple for Parents

A huge benefit to you as a parent is knowing exactly how long the daycare center will care for your child and when you must pick him up or drop him off. There are rules for what happens if you can't come on time, and there are generally straightforward payment plans and structures.

There's No Risk of a No-Show

Finally, one of the most important factors: The no show. Can you risk someone not showing up to watch your child when you need to go to work or school? Probably not. The benefit of a daycare is that it has guaranteed you that it can watch your child. Even if one staff member is ill, others fill in, giving you peace of mind. 

These are five major benefits of day care; choosing the right one can keep you and your child happy.